Completely Anonymous and Secure Web Browsing: How the Hell Will You Do It?

If you are looking to browse the web anonymously with complete browsing-protection, Connected Over is your way out.

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Use Connected Over to Browse Web Anonymously

Don’t get us wrong when we call ourselves that best VPN provider. We are in no way trying to blow our own trumpet! There are some great VPN providers out there. But wait! There is a slight difference.

Many of these so-called best VPN providers advertise themselves as your anonymous web browsing companions. However, the reality is different. Majority of these VPN providers track every single thing that you do on the web with their VPN. So, where is the privacy, security and anonymity gone? You use a VPN to protect yourself from prying eyes right? But even after using their VPN service, you are being tracked, logged, and monitored. Only the pair of eyes tracking you changes.

At Connected Over, we are firm believers of privacy. Every individual has a right to their own privacy and we like to keep things that way. As a result, we never log or monitor your activities on the web. The only thing that we do is we make the connections secure and super fast to improve your web browsing experience.

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Personalize Your VPN by Anonymizing Your Web Activities

Keep Your Web Traffic Encrypted

Connected Over is your gateway to browse internet with not just complete anonymity but complete security. Our VPN is 256-bit encrypted to make sure that all your conversations are completely protected. Forget about the hacker and spies, even government agencies cannot tap them.

Do not let your government spy on you

Keep your Location and IP Always Hidden

We provide you with the freedom to choose from our hundreds of VPN locations. Browse through our server in Australia and then change it to USA in a few minutes, only to switch it again to UK. With unlimited VPN switches and bandwidth, rest assured that you will experience a whole new internet with Connected Over.

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Keep Your Information Protected from Third Parties

Do location-based price of things that you buy from the internet and advertisements about local dry-cleaners while browsing the internet annoy you? They sure do to us! What happens is when you browse internet while you are connected to a local network or Wi-Fi, third parties can track your activities, IP address and location.

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Who else can you trust with your personal data?