How to Instantly Hide Your IP Address?

Before getting on the web, simply switch to our VPN which will hide your IP by connecting you to a server of another country. You can choose from our hundreds of VPN locations. So, basically this means that virtually you will be browsing internet from another country. How will anyone ever know your actual IP address when you are not even using it?

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Conceal Your IP and Access Anything and Everything That Internet Has To Offer

With Connected Over, you can access everything that is available on the internet. Right from blocked websites, videos, and games, the world of internet is your entity. Right from YouTube, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, to Skype and Dropbox, our VPN will allow you to get the best of entertainment and always stay connected with your loved ones.

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  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Gmail
  • Vimeo
  • Dropbox

Moreover, by hiding your IP, you also disable the companies to provide you with location-based, higher costs or any other kind of discriminations because of your location.

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How to hide your Internet traffic from your ISP

Don’t Want Your ISP To Track Your Web Activities?

Think of internet as a maze of tubes that reach your home to provide you with internet connection. It is your ISP (Internet Service Provider) that created these tubes and provided you with the flow of internet connection.

Your ISP manages the internet that reaches you home and can actually track every single of your activities. Right from your emails, Facebook visits, to even the videos that you see on YouTube, they can get their hands on everything they want. While internet providers don’t generally look behind the curtains, based on where you live, they might be required to log your activities to pass them to the government authorities when requested.

While we are firm believers of protecting ones privacy, unfortunately, the government of a lot of countries does not agree with our thought. So, what can you do to not allow your ISP to log your activities? Guess you know the answer! Yes, it is Connected Over VPN.

ISPs use your IP address to track your activities. But if you are using the IP address of another country to browse the web, how will they ever be able to get their hands on your activities? VPN is the simplest and most-effective way of encrypting all your internet activities.

Get Connected Over VPN today to mask your IP and browse internet anonymously with complete protection!

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